What is Open Banking?

How do I provide or remove permissions?

Chapter 6

Your online banking is the easiest place for you to review and control who you have given permission to see your bank account information. Like Direct Debits that you can cancel at any time, within your online banking, you will be able to remove this permission for any service or app as you wish.

Obviously, if you remove your permission for a service provider, it’s likely that they are relying on your bank account to deliver their service to you. In order to use their service again, you’ll simply need to provide your permission again in order to reconnect them to your account information.

Providing permission

When you sign up for a service or app that uses Open Banking, you’ll be presented with all the information that the provider needs your permission to see. You’ll need to give your explicit consent for the provider to access this information.

Your account provider, such as your bank, double checks this for you too. Before connecting any service to your account, your account provider will replay all of the information the service provider has asked to see, so they can confirm that you want to share the information.

Removing permission

You can visit your online banking to remove any permissions that you’ve given to service providers. Alternatively, you could simply express the desire to remove your permission directly with the service provider.  You can inform OpenWrks of your desire to remove your permission by contacting us directly here.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you also have the right to: request a copy of the personal information a service provider holds against you - known as a Subject Access Request; and have your personal data erased - known as a Right to Erasure. You can exercise your rights with OpenWrks by completing a form via the relevant link 

Subject Access Request

Right to Erasure

Chapter 1

Who's who?

Everything you need to know about Open Banking.

Chapter 2

How we got here

Way back in 2013 The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) started a review of the UK retail banking industry and financial...

Chapter 3

Who are the participating banks

9 UK based banks were ordered to create Open Banking APIs. These participating banks are referred to as the CMA9.

Chapter 4

How secure is Open Banking?

Open Banking is very secure - as secure as your online banking. The Open Banking API endpoints have been built by the banks...

Chapter 5

What data will be shared?

The information that you choose to share through Open Banking will vary depending on the service that you want to receive.

Chapter 6

How do I provide or remove permissions?

Your online banking is the only place where you can control who has permission to see your bank account and for what purpose.

Chapter 7

What does AISP & PISP mean?

To be fully authorised through PSD2 to use the Open Banking APIs businesses have to be registered as either an AISP or PISP.

Chapter 8

Quickfire Open Banking FAQs

All your questions answered in our quick fire Open Banking FAQs.

Chapter 9

Open Banking jargon dictionary

Our Open Banking jargon dictionary has been put together to translate acronyms and keywords into simple terms.