The clock's ticking: PSD2

May 3, 2019 |

In less than 6 weeks time the penultimate FCA deadline for PSD2 needs to be met. However, 41% of European banks didn’t make the initial March 14th deadline where they failed to make their dedicated Third Party Provider (TPP) sandboxes available.

It’s now time for the next milestone, by June 14th payment account providers need to apply to their regulator for an exemption if they plan to rely on a dedicated interface to meet their PSD2 obligations. And hot on the heels of this deadline is the big one... by September 14th all payment account providers need to have live and performant interfaces available for TPPs to consume.

That’s 3 months to build, test, iterate and release APIs and consumer interfaces.   

Check out what our Co-Founder and CEO, Olly Betts has to say on the matter... 



* Tink, March 2019, What a missed PSD2 deadline says about the challenge of implementation

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