How Payment Account Providers can hit the FCA deadlines with a TPP buddy

By David Coghlan | Feb 1, 2019 |

This week, we got an important email from the FCA which included clear guidelines and milestones that payment account providers need to meet.

Those FCA deadlines are:

  1. 14th March 2019 - This is the date that payment account providers need to provide access to a test environment that TPPs like us can access
  2. 14th June 2019 - This is when any exemption requests need to be submitted to the FCA
  3. 14th September 2019 - This is when payment account provider APIs need to ready and accessible to all TPPs.

As the deadlines are fast approaching, we are getting more and more payment account providers coming to us for support to ensure they meet the deadlines and are compliant. We've set up a Webinar on 12th February at 10am to address this issue, where we'll run through exactly why payment account providers should buddy with a TPP to help them meet the FCA deadlines and how OpenWrks is already helping with that.

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